Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. (B&C®) is a Washington, D.C., law firm providing biobased and renewable chemical product stakeholders unparalleled experience, judgment, and excellence in bringing innovative products to market.
About BRAG Biobased and Renewable Products Blog

The BRAG Biobased and Renewable Products Blog provides a real-time stream of important regulatory, legal, policy, and business developments thus ensuring timely opportunities to engage in regulatory or legislative advocacy to help members develop and bring to market their innovative biobased and renewable chemical products.

As biobased chemicals, renewable energy, and advanced biofuels become commercial realities, emerging conversion technologies are producing business opportunities for a growing list of biobased products. Companies entering this market, whether they are established business enterprises or energetic start-ups, must simultaneously confront on a daily basis technical, regulatory, economic, and commercial uncertainties. Companies working to produce biobased chemical feedstocks and products are often under-represented in a number of regulatory and legislative areas. It is for this reason that BRAG exists. BRAG members receive strategic insight into regulatory and legislative topics that are critically important to their businesses, and collectively provide an informed advocacy voice for legal, regulatory, and policy change.