The Biobased and Renewable Products Advocacy Group (BRAG) helps members develop and bring to market their innovative biobased and renewable chemical products through insightful policy and regulatory advocacy. BRAG is managed by B&C® Consortia Management, L.L.C., an affiliate of Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.
BRAG To Present At The 23rd Annual GC&E Conference, June 11-13, Reston, VA
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From June 11-13, 2019, the American Chemical Society (ACS) will be hosting their annual Green Chemistry and Engineering (GC&E) Conference and the International Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry in Reston, VA.  BRAG will be proudly presenting an abstract titled:  “The Role of Regulations in Circular Economy -- Challenge of New Chemical Bias.”  Under the “Entrepreneurs Driving the Circular Economy -- Opportunities and Challenges” GC&E Conference session, Richard E. Engler, Ph.D., Director of Chemistry at Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. (B&C®), will address potential strategies to reduce or eliminate commercialization barriers for biobased products currently under development.

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